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FloridaPsychologists.NET is a listing of Florida Psychologists proclaiming their independence from the interference of managed care or managed care carve outs
in mental health.  They are advocates for mental health parity, and do not believe a seperate system of mental health carve outs or mental health managed care speaks to the spirit or letter of mental health parity laws. 
They have taken the harder road of being private practitioners who answer primarily to their patients and those who consult them for their services.

Florida LIONS are former Blue Cross of Blue Shield Providers who made a break with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida when effective Dec. 1, 2011, BCBS decided to introduce a mental health carve out, New Directions. A new contract with New Directions was offered. This included terms many found unacceptable and a reimbursement rate not only below Usual and Customary fees (UCR) and the discounted rate BCBS PPC and Blue Choice Providers were previously paid, but a rate approximately 30-35% below Medicare rates. . Many Florida Lions previously only took BCBS insurance, adhering to a higher standard of care and found proposed procedures, reimbursement, and other policies to be at odds with their abilities to continue to provide the level and quality of care to the patients and families they serve.


Follow our blog to learn more about the struggle for true mental health parity and concerns that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida and other insurers raise in their treatment of mental health services and mental health providers.



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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is the Florida BCBS pre-authorization Availity System Crashing in advance of the "New Direction"
Providers across the state are reporting that the Availity system is giving wrong info claiming no auth needed when there is and providers claim that after spending sessions they are being told "too bad" by BCBS!   So BEWARE.  We also have been having difficulty with getting information from Availity as of late, with n the system down, or not being able to get info as of late.
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Insurance Reimbursement rates and loss of providers
BCBS of FL representatives in public blurbs and "news" stories have been insistent that drastic cuts in reimbursement under the New Directions contract have not led to a loss of providers.  Psychologists in the state report BCB ro ND reps are calling those who did not sign the ND cotract and in their questions seem to anticipate the rate cut is the reason. 

The American Psychological Association reports in a 2008 survey, 11% of psychologists reported that they have dropped out of Medicare participation and a primary reason cited was low reimbursement ratesWith BCBS now offering 30% BELOW medicare rates, is it reasonable to believe they are not losing the best and most experienced providers???
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Just another manic Monday

BCBS of FL and New Directions seem to be calling many providers who have not signed contracts, askign if they received revised contracts (which some apparently never received).  Some speculation is that contrarty to BCBS PR folk's media blurbs, maybe more than just a few providers have not signed.  Rumors are that Dec 1 is their deadline. Maybe they are getting nervous that employers may come to question where have all the providers gone when the new year starts.  In the meanwhile much confusion abounds as psychologists calling BCBS are getting different answers to the same questions, and attempts by psychologists and organizations about the specifics of how state emplyee and federal BCBS out of network benefits will be handles have been met with similar mixed messages and delays in getting to the specifics. Some providers are holding to a position that no information is reliable, unless it is in writing.  However, it would seem BCBS and ND have not provided much in writing in terms of what processess BCBS members will have to go through to get their out of network mental health benefits submitted.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BCBS - New Directions concern, another opt-out, and Palm Beach Mental Health Association criticism of BCBS move. 9:50 pm edt 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Alcoholism & Drug Abuse treatment by BCBS also likely to be impacted by New Direction
Similar concerns to those of psychiatrists and psychologists are raised by the drug and alcoholism treatment community.  An article addressing these concerns and the efforts of a national coalittion regarding the latest Blue Cross Blue Shield / New Directons moves appears here: http://www.alcoholismdrugabuseweekly.com/sample-articles/parity-implementation-coalition-requests-intervention.aspx

Can different provider groups, hospitals, and advocacy groups form a State-wide coalition in FL?  My information has it some providers and leaders are talkign about doing just that. It will be a tought fight, it seems as if BCBS spent a lot of money on lobbying in advance of this move, and the current governor does not seem to be very friendly to consumers or state employees who might complain that in effect, this cuts access to some providers who will opt out, or at worst may be designed in such a way that discourages mental health care and possibly violates federal parity laws.
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gainesville Sun BCBS / New Directions NAMI article
While the author of this Gainesville Sun article seems to get it wrong in that care will not be suspended pending take over of services by New Directions Dec. 1, 2011 - the point of the potential conflict witht he spirit if nto the letter of mental health parity seem to be on target:  http://www.gainesville.com/article/20110904/OPINION03/110909862

An official corporate-sounding response from a BCBS official claiming they were not losing many providers appeared in a follow up article.  No numbers of how many had or had not signed.  apparently they were calling some providers who had not signed.
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Florida Psychiatric Association part of coalition protesting BCBS changes at Federal Level


The above link should take you to the psychiatric association site and the letter written by the national coalition.
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Psychiatrists also ROAR - Here are some things you may want to know about how your mental Health Care will be managed under New Directions
A concerning analysis of the Florida New Directions approach to managing Blue Cross Blue Shield mental health benefits:

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome to the FloridaPsychologists.Net Blog
Welcome to our blog.  THe authors and owners of this site, advertiserss, and listed psychologists do not endorse any of the comments or opinions made by others on this blog.  For some brief introduction to some of the mental health parity battle in FLorida and the reasons you may lose access to your former choice of Blue Cross Blue Shield Providers, follow this blog.  Some article links are also on the www.cpancf.com homepage as well as the www.flapsych.org homepage.  We welcome new posts to articles about this growing unfortunate national trend.
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